Tire Pressure Calculator

Goodyear® Farm Tires, a Titan Tire Corporation brand, is pleased to announce the launch of a new mobile-friendly website that helps farmers determine the optimum inflation pressure for their metric radial tires, based on load.

By visiting TirePressureCalculator.com, the user simply indicates the dimensions of the tire and the load index (which can both be found on the side of the tire) as well as the axle and implement weight,* and the calculator will provide the optimum inflation pressure for the user’s application, as recommended by the Tire and Rim Association.

The calculator works for any brand of metric, agriculture radial tire and is easily accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer. This eliminates the need for farmers to carry around handbooks and consult large tables of load and inflation data whenever making tire inflation adjustments.

“Inflation pressure is the most important aspect of tire maintenance and should be adjusted based on load. The balance between load and inflation directly affects key performance metrics such as traction, flotation, tire wear and fuel efficiency,” said Scott Sloan, product engineering manager for Goodyear Farm Tires, “but, because load and inflation tables aren’t always accessible in the field, the tendency for farmers is to estimate or simply ignore inflation altogether. Doing so, however, can severely inhibit performance and tire longevity. That’s why we introduced the calculator.”

Click the Tire Pressure Calculator icon to the right to start searching for the proper inflation pressure for your application.